Cancer Initiation: Dear PLOS: Why "vaccines dont cause autism" is not a scientific statement

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dear PLOS: Why "vaccines dont cause autism" is not a scientific statement


  The following is a critique of  the article The “Why Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism” Papers
hosted on the Public Library of Science (PLOS) Blog page.

The term vaccine is not specific 

 First of all the term "vaccines" is not scientific. The debate has, in fact for many years, even decades, turned away from the antibody and protein contents of vaccines and turned to mercury, colloidal aluminum, and biological impurities that may include viruses or proteins that were not intended to be in the vaccine. As such, the debate in not vaccines, but vaccine safety. Intravenous delivery bypasses a host of defenses against potential toxins.

Autism is not a scientific term

 Autism essentially means "unusual". In includes  a "spectrum" of individuals ranging from those who are completely incapacitated to those who have Ph. D.s, particularly in technical fields.  In fact in previous years a controversy has arisen over the term  "Aspergers" which includes those on the high performing edge of the so called "spectrum". When these people are classified as autistic, it has the function of burying important variables. Autism is a social science term ( not science at all ). The education system (social science) likes people at the middle of the bell curve, and those at both ends are usually classified as problematic,  at least in the eyes of education system socialists.

 Medical Science has already progressed past nonspecific descriptions

 In what is now considered the base of the argument on vaccines and neurological impact, a vaccine associated "syndrome" is described which includes gastrointestinal autoimmunity and distress in single carbon metabolism. (Wakefield [1] ). This paper detailed elevated methyl-malonic acid, which is a marker for b12 deficiency, or other disruption of single carbon metabolism. Methylation disruption is known to be associated with autoimmunity and neurological defects. I dont believe this paper specifically discusses mercury, but mercury is associated with disruption of single carbon metabolism ( methylation pathways). Many factors affect single carbon metabolism, and as a result DNA methylation. An interaction of factors could obviously disrupt normal development.

Correlation and medical science

  In a previous post, expressly for the purpose of evaluation of the scientific validity of specific arguments in "medical science" terms, I enumerated epistemological generations in medical science. Correlation between raw variables, such as "vaccine" and "autism" is what I would classify as a "Generation 1" argument. That means, no longer part of medical science at all. In the case of Wakefield [1], were specific measurements of single carbon metabolism ( methylmalonic acid level) and histological gastrointestinal pathology ( autoimmune ) are described in medical terms, the appropriate follow up is a Generation 6 study, that means evaluation of more single carbon metabolism and the epigenetic basis of observed autoimmunity.

Statistical arguments are useless serious cases

 Arguments based on statistical outputs are not appropriate in medical cases that involve incapacitation for life. Other statement that are inappropriate are "Russian Roulette works out fine in most cases", and  "generally speaking, apples, peaches, pears, plums and hand grenades are not dangerous." I believe that appropriate term is "confounding" for lost variables in scientific arguments. We are now at about 2 decades of confounded science on the issue of vaccine safety.

Mercury has many sources, and impacts are cumulative

 Mercury may come from amalgam in dental fillings, mothers amalgam in dental fillings, fish, fish mother ate, livestock that was produced with fish meal ( chicken ) other environmental exposure including water and broken light bulbs.   Not to mention,  if several vaccinations are given, and all contained mercury, the impact of the "trace" amounts is cumulative. 


[1] Wakefield et. al. Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and
pervasive developmental disorder in children
, the Lancet, 1998 [pdf[

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